Who We Are

Around here, we have a simple goal: bringing you the best communications network anywhere. Not just today's best, but tomorrow's as well.

That's why we're committed to continuous improvement in everything we do.

We're nationally recognized as best in class, but live for transforming our customer's experience.

We put as much heart and soul into our communities as we do running the most advanced and reliable technologies available.

And we've made it our mission to simplify our neighbor's lives.

Truth is, we're not the company you may think we are. And that's a good thing. Sure, we're a "cable company", and have been for 25 years.

But, as you'll discover, our story is about a group of people whose passion combines the best of yesterday with the promise of tomorrow. That's why you'll find that, here at Insight, The Future is Here. The Future is Coming™.